Thursday, January 21, 2010

THe Angey Maynard Shoot!!

Angey Rocked it!!! She had great ideas and the wardrobe to pull it off!! I had a blast shooting her and I definely can't wait to work with her again on the next shoot!! As you can see in these photos , she was bringin it !! See yaw next time !!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Natashia&Janzi Shoot

Gotta have love for these 2. Now Janzi is a model that I've shot before numerous times. Everytime we've worked 2gether seems like I've shot her for the very first time!! NOw Natashia is not a new-comer. She's been modeling for a lil minute but haven't been modeling for a while. NOw shez coming back in the game and she's bringin heat!! Watch out for these 2, they're tha Bizne$$!!! ENjoy!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Ty&Miracle SHoot

Ok! My first blog entry!! Well I shot a couple of up and coming artists and they were dope!!! Ty ( who is already gettin her model on) is an up and coming artist from Def Jam Records!! Her sister Miracle ( who was amazing), is also an artist. She was a lil shy @ first, but like always, once she got in front of the camera, she rocked it!! So did Ty, who came with the wardrobe!! It was awesome & i can't wait to work with them again & I hope they did good @ their up and coming showcase!! Til next time yaw!!! Keep it 100%!!!